Solution - Touchclass
We suggest solutions,
not ambiguous education paradigms.
Touchclass is an enterprise mobile solution
with the advantages of diverse mobile services.
Work-related Q&A
Company newsletter
Training in product manuals

New Learning Culture
Depending on how content is organized
and how technologies are implemented,
learner engagement can differ dramatically.
Learners want to learn and share their experiences with others.
Experience a new learning culture with Touchclass

Simple features and layouts like those of Facebook and Instagram
allow you to tell your story.
The opinion feature of Touchclass is no different.
Content contains our own story.
Push notifications

Share Information
Market conditions and product manuals change rapidly. We can’t pour lots of time into creating content.
Share all information easily and rapidly on Touchclass.

Learning Analytics
All learning activities on Touchclass are recorded.
Based on these records, you can create new content
and set standards to encourage learning.
Use Big-Data in Touchclass