How can we make boring manual-based training more fun?

May 2019

Woori Bank is Korea’s only nationally authentic bank established in 1899 with the aim of contributing to the national economy by facilitating the flow of funds.

Purpose “ “ Goal of Using TouchClass

  1. Need for a new form of contents enabling boring manual-based training to be more fun and ensure voluntary participation
  2. Need for creating an interactive, not one-sided, educational environment where all the employees can participate and communicate with each other
  3. Need for developing contents and a system incorporating various elements for fun so that employees can use them often and enjoy themselves

How TouchClass was Applied

  1. Enabled employees to design themselves the introductory part in the style of a lecture, drama and illustration to make learning feel more interesting.
  2. Developed a more fun training manual using various elements, which is also supported by a search function for on-the-spot reference, etc.
  3. The gamification function allowed to give points to every learning activity, naturally leading the learners to have more fun learning.


  1. Training contents developed not just for one-time training but for on-the-spot reference and use whenever necessary
  2. The gamification function has made it possible to achieve 5 times the estimated training participation rate.

  1. Manager

    “Training manuals are boring!“ I personally wanted to overcome this prejudice. As a manager, I am very proud and satisfied to hear a lot of employees say they are voluntarily participating in training.

  2. Learner

    I was given points for my learning activities and also a ranking accordingly, so I thought, “Let's challenge myself,“ and that made me have more fun and study harder. Learning came as even more fun because I could interact with others through comments and by clicking the Like button rather than study alone.

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