Testimonial - Touchclass

Toyota, Strengthens Expertise with Voluntary Learning Culture

May 2019

Toyota is a global brand established in 1937 in the name of Toyota Motor Co., Ltd. with 53 overseas production bases and R&D networks in 26 countries and regions around the world, selling cars in 170 countries and regions.

Purpose & Goal of Using Touchclass

To provide employees with various kinds of information, such as how to serve customers, the industry trend and other related news.

How Touchclass was Applied

Information on industry trends and other related news was updated on a monthly basis.

  1. The gamification function was used to encourage the learners.
  2. Prior notices, quizzes, and satisfaction surveys for all the offline training courses were given on Touchclass.


  1. Average learning rate increased by 32% since the introduction of gamification
  2. Average learning rate of over 70%, despite the self-study system

Since the introduction of gamification

Average learning rate increased by 32%

  1. Manager

    Touchclass is very efficient because it enables content distribution and modification without having to provide an offline training course every time! Various kinds of information, such as the industry trend and recent news, can be distributed quickly, making it possible to actively apply the information to work.

  2. Learner

    I think I have grown into a habit of opening Touchclass on my way to work. It is almost like reading blog posts and makes my commuting time useful. Especially for me as a salesperson, I can refer to the manual anytime, anywhere. I can even leave comments to get an answer to my questions!

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