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May 2019

Renault Samsung Motors is a car maker which came into being in 2000 as Renault Motors of France acquired Samsung Motors, which was founded in 1995. It was awarded the Silver Tower Industrial Medal on the 1st Foreign Companies’ Day in December 2001, and exceeded 400 thousand units in its accumulated number of exported cars in 2011, then reached 2 million units in 2013.

Purpose & Goal of Using Touchclass

To directly create and deliver sales and operating strategies, modified on a monthly basis, in the form of content

How Touchclass was Applied

Quickly created monthly sales strategies through Editor and distributed them to salespeople across the country.


  1. Immediate modification and redistribution is possible and content creation costs have been reduced.
  2. Possible to check the learning participation rate at each branch, what information employees look for most, etc. through various statistical data.

  1. Manager

    It is difficult to create content in the form of a video or Flash every month. Not only is it costly, but it takes quite a lot of time to create content that way, so we need something more expedient. With Touchclass, the managers can easily and freely create contents through Editor. Not only the managers at the headquarters, but the regional managers are also creating their own contents, making use of pop-ups and push notifications as well.

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The Fastest Way to Distribute & Share Your Marketing Materials!

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