Testimonial - Touchclass

A Mobile Training Manual for Part-Timers!

May 2019

Founded in 1952, KFC is a global fast-food restaurant brand operating more than 200 stores in Korea.

Purpose & Goal of Using Touchclass

To introduce mobile learning because it is difficult to provide offline training to on-site employees, including part-timers, due to frequent staff replacement

How Touchclass was Applied

  1. Created a product manufacturing manual.
  2. Created content using various elements, such as GIF, video, and audio, to keep the employees engaged.


Any updates or modifications can be done by the manager through the editor without incurring any additional cost.

  1. Manager

    We are happy to see that the manager at each store is voluntarily using the secondary administrator feature to add members and register them for courses. It turns out to be especially convenient when headquarters sends a push notification to all the stores at once.

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