The Story of Millennial Employees Creating Their Own Contents

May 2019

Founded in 1955, Hankook Tire & Technology is a tire manufacturer with about 30 branches and corporations around the world and five research institutes (Korea, USA, Japan, China, Germany), currently exporting products to more than 180 countries.

Purpose & Goal of Using TouchClass

  1. To provide a solution and contents tailored to new millennial employees
  2. To use TouchClass as a communication channel for all the employees to share the contents created by new employees

How TouchClass was Applied

  1. New employees of Hankook Tire created company history contents by themselves using TouchClass Editor.
  2. All the employees shared their contents, encouraging and giving advice to them through the social learning function.


  1. The new employees first studied their company’s main achievements by year, based on which they created their own unique contents.

  1. Manager

    Previously, it was unfortunate that contents were made in the form of a wallchart, which was posted up on the board at the training institute to be shared only between the trainees. However, now that contents can be instantly shared by all the employees and I can see how they respond to the training, I feel more rewarded as a manager.

  2. Learner

    After learning only a few simple tips on how to use Editor and familiarizing myself with the manual, creating contents was straightforward enough. Anyone familiar with using basic editing tools on PowerPoint or Word is fully ready to create contents on TouchClass, so I was able to concentrate only on the contents themselves I was making, having a lot of fun.

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