Create and upload produc t manuals and other various training materials yourself!

May 2019

Established in 1954, Handok has not only made efforts to promote public health by supplying excellent medical supplies, but has also contributed to the advancement of the Korean pharmaceutical industry by entering into partnership with various world's leading pharmaceutical companies. It is taking a leap toward a global total healthcare company representing Korea beyond just a domestic pharmaceutical company.

How TouchClass was Applied

  1. Each product manager easily and quickly created and uploaded manual contents.
  2. Materials were provided in various forms, including text, image, as well as video, audio, quiz and survey.


The usage rate of TouchClass is high because it not only reduces printing costs but has higher portability.

  1. Manager

    I upload offline training materials on TouchClass for on-the-spot reference and use, without having to store them on USB. That way, each product manager is now able to quickly create various manual materials, helping them with enhanced professionalism and faster delivery.

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