Testimonial - Touchclass

EcoPro Selected as an Excellent Example of Training Operation

May 2019

Since its establishment in 1998, EcoPro has focused on developing eco-friendly core materials and parts related to air pollution control and has, since 2003, been at the forefront of safeguarding a robust global environment for the next generation after establishing itself mainly in the field of "environment" and "IT energy" by succeeding in phased localization of core secondary battery materials highly dependent on imports.

Purpose & Goal of Using Touchclass

  1. To provide prior guidance to offline training on corporate core values
  2. To provide announcements and training materials during offline training through Touchclass

How Touchclass was Applied

  1. Developed as a webtoon course related to the company vision to improve accessibility.
  2. Used during offline training as a community for employees to share various educational materials and information.


  1. Maximized training participation by using Touchclass not just as a training platform, but as communication space.
  2. Selected as Excellent Example by Human Resources Development Service of Korea in 2019 for making learning more fun and accessible for learners and generating a positive response to the training.

  1. Manager

    Touchclass made it much easier to provide offline training because it allowed the trainer to send training materials and push notifications for guidance anytime during training.

  2. Learner

    I was able to quickly and better immerse myself in offline training by having a sufficient preview of it on Touchclass.

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