Testimonial - Touchclass

Make Offline Training Smarter!

May 2019

As the second oldest life insurer in Korea, ABL Life Insurance has been contributing to the advancement of the Korean insurance market with its diverse and differentiated whole life, pension, variable, health, etc. insurance products by actively utilizing various global financial techniques.

Purpose & Goal of Using Touchclass

  1. Announcements and training materials delivered through Touchclass during offline training
  2. Create and quickly distribute product manual materials

How Touchclass was Applied

  1. Used during offline training as a community for employees to share various educational materials and information
  2. Easily and quickly created and distributed product manuals and other materials


  1. Maximized training participation by using Touchclass as a communication space before and after offline training.
  2. Internal managers directly participated in content development, leading to more diverse and effective content.

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