You focus on education,
We support your solution.
If you choose TOUCHCLASS, you can easily and quickly learn whatever you need and communicate with others.
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Do you think the training to your employees
helps them improve their skills?
  • Just click 'NEXT' button through the content?

    “eLearning content...
    Our company makes me to attend some classes, so I just tried to increase my attendance”
  • Boring offline training

    “It is not easy to understand contents of training
    and put them to work”
  • Learning environment for In-house employees

    “It is difficult for all employees
    to gather at one place to get educated.”
Many people suggest a lot of new educational paradigms
but education has not changed at all.
We are focused on what users really need
rather than big words or high technology.
The Story of Millennial Employees Creating Their Own Contents
Previously, it was unfortunate that contents were made in the form of a wallchart, which was posted up on the board at the training institute to be shared only between the trainees. However, now that contents can be instantly shared by all the employees and I can see how they respond to the training, I feel more rewarded as a manager.
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It is easy just like blog post
I am satisfied with coveniently learning
Sales consultant
I do sales work and my job has some restriction on time and place, so it makes me difficult to immediately check product manual.
If I have some questions, I don’t know whom to ask.
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The Fastest Way to Distribute & Share Your Marketing Materials!
It is difficult to create contents in the form of a video or Flash every month. Not only is it costly, but it takes quite a lot of time to create contents that way, so it is not appropriate when urgency is demanded. With TouchClass, the managers can easily and freely create contents through Editor. Not only the managers at the headquarters, but the regional managers are also creating their own contents, making use of pop-ups and push notifications as well.
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TOUCHCLASS has been making a new learning paradigm with many clients.
New perspective through experience
We are concentrated on what users need
and show our own solution.
Learning management Content development Learning analytics Monitoring
You can easily and quickly learn and communicate with your co-workers.
Learning management System
ㆍMember and course administration
ㆍPush notifications
ㆍReal-time learning analytics
ㆍEasy and simple to show learning analytics
ㆍManagement team's share of work
ㆍUse big data
ㆍLead to self-directed learning
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Flipped learning
ㆍPrior learning before offline training
ㆍShare opinions each other freely
ㆍConduct a survey about offline training program on the mobile
ㆍContinuing study and improve outcomes
ㆍImprove communication through getting imformation quickly
ㆍFind and share issues regarding work
ㆍBig data about knowledge of your company
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Authoring tool
ㆍProviding various material such as text, video, audio and image etc.
ㆍOne-source multi-device (iOS, Android, Windows, OS X)
ㆍEasy to modify to reflect updated information
ㆍAdministrator can directly create contents
ㆍDecrease expense of content development
ㆍTest and survey
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Viewer for mobile content
ㆍSearch and save information you want to know
ㆍCommunication as a social learning feature
ㆍOptimization for mobile devices
ㆍProviding TTS(Text To Speech)
ㆍLearning tool
ㆍSecure contents management
ㆍIntegration in your in-house system via API
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TOUCHCLASS is the leading social learning solution.








Can I get my LMS connected with TOUCHCLASS?

Yes, TOUCHCLASS API will enable you to connect.

Is it available both on PC and mobile devices?

We provide all kinds of devices under Windows, Mac, iOS and Android
with all the features of TOUCHCLASS such as contents view,
progress sync, etc.

Do you set a limit on the number of contents or capacity?

We do not limit the number and for capacity,
we provide from 1,000G to more than 4,000G depending on the type of product.

Should I only use contents I made on TOUCHCLASS?

We develop, create and provide content
regarding job related competencies such as leadership etc.
We also develop and manage content for refund of employment insurance in form of multimedia ebook

Who has the ownership rights in contents?

TOUCHCLASS is a solution program to author and distribute contents and has nothing to do with ownership rights. A customer owns the contents.

Any chances of data spill?

TOUCHCLASS service requires
a learner’s email address and name only.
There is no chance of leak of personal information such as your department or phone number.

Is there a contract period for solution usage or cancellation fee?

There is no contract period and
we request a written notice for cancellation 30 days prior to service termination.

Is it difficult to create content via authoring tool?

We provide manual about how to use TOUCHCLASS authoring tool.
If you get training about TOUCHCLASS for 1~2 hours,
you can easily create your content.

How can I use my contents after the termination of an agreement?

We provide your content in form of HTML after the termination of an agreement.

Is it possible for only administrator to manage TOUCHCLASS?

You can give some assistant administrators authorities to manage specific function: editing content, course administration and so on.